As a native Phoenician I have been telling stories through my photo+video business for over 10+ years…but ever since I was a kid I was taking photos and making videos. After attending film school, I explored many states and over 25 countries, and fell in love with hearing people's stories, creating a healthier lifestyle and seeing how we all are humans trying to figure it out together.

Capturing weddings since 2009, I have seen all the beauty, all the stress, and all the in between. I love being a part of such a significant moment. I have always leaned more to the documentary style of observing the day, letting people be in their element and helping them to feel comfortable. 

 Through experiencing my own seasons of burnout, I’ve seen the more we can connect to our own story, the more we can connect with our art, our business and with others.
I love to help people understand their own story and help them see their story through video+photo.  One thing I missed most in 2020 was being with people in person and I cannot wait to see you for this workshop!



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I remember being a little kid and aspiring to be something "you would want to be" when I grew up. I know that sounds weird, but in my mind I could not settle to be just a waitress (which I ended up being) or being something boring that just anyone could easily become.
I wanted big. I wanted to be a famous actress or singer, something with merit.
It's always stuck with me- and even today I FULLY believe I have the BEST JOB, because I get to work with the BEST people on the BEST day of their lives.
Desiring and then deciding to become a wedding photographer was the easy part. 
Owning and operating a successful photography business has taken over 11 years of blood sweat and a lot of tears- (yes, I am a cryer)  
I cry during weddings, I cry when I don't feel good enough when I'm editing, I cry when I have too much editing to do and I can't spend time with my two kids and husband. I cry when I make genuine connections with brides, and they call me to photograph their newborn after years of infertility struggles. I cry because I am so extremely proud and passionate about this workshop. In the past three years of my career I have really shifted my approach to weddings and serving my clients. I strive to capture and not create moments. I try to balance being a mom and a wife while still finding joy in something that makes me truly happy. Oh, and I  can honestly say that I have to coolest job on the planet. 

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